Looking Back At My ‘Teenage Debris’

28th November, 2016

Let’s face it. I’ve had the lousiest of the lousestly lousest lousy week. Ever. I just turned eighteen (Yay I’m legal now!! I can have sex, I can donate blood, I can crash my car into a wall and get jailed only for public destruction and not under-age driving. Yayay!) last Wednesday, and let me just say that it has been as completely uneventful, tiring and not at all life-changing as I had very much not hoped it to be.

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Dear World,

10th September, 2016

Since my last letter, I’ve been trying to keep my anger at bay and trying really hard to not think much about it. It worked for a few days. I felt calmer, more focused. But yesterday, it all came spiraling down. Continue reading Dear World,