It begins, today.

Today, it begins.

We all have flaws but only some have the courage to acknowledge them. From this day, I don’t want to run from them. I want to embrace them and call them my own. I don’t want them to be my weaknesses, I want them to be my guide which helps make me a better person – I want to unearth them to show the perfection hungry world how imperfect I am and how perfectly happy I am with it. I am loud, I am ugly, I am not the most intelligent, I am not good at articulating words, I am rude, I am not good as others and I will never be good enough. There are 7 billion of us inhabiting this beautiful planet. There are billions who are probably better than I am in ways I can’t possibly imagine. There will always be someone who is prettier, smarter, funnier, nicer but it doesn’t matter. None of it matters, and that is what I want to acknowledge today. None of it matters when I am trying to be the best I can. None of it matters because my flaws are either inherited or learnt and the fact that I am trying to get rid of them makes me a better person.


Therefore, today, digging begins. I will dig out all my flaws, line them up and do them a makeover. Now, it might take me a lot of time to do that because I know I’ll get lazy at some point of time or I’ll get irritated or I’ll give up or I’ll die. I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’ll try and do what is right. I won’t let people blackmail me into changing into a puppet.




I will stop caring what people think because, believe it or not, I am not trying to become a better person so that people start liking me – nuhuh – I am trying to become a better person because I want to. I want to start loving because there isn’t enough love in the world and maybe because I don’t want to be one of them who spreads negativity just because they think they can and just because they haven’t found someone to love them yet. Yes, I want to help children, help control climate change, save tigers, stop antarctica from melting, remove poverty, destroy patriarchy. But, I want to change myself first so that I can tell people, “Look, I love myself, I love this planet and I love everyone on it. So quit hating. Loving isn’t as hard as rocket science, you know.


And so, today, I promise to try. I promise to spread love and I promise to not procrastinate from doing so. Today, I begin the adventure of daring to believe that I can do something. Today, I start my honest perseverance towards my goal, my ambition and my ideal self.


Wish me luck?




The Creative Blogger Award | Yayayay

Hey guys!

I was nominated for The Creative Blogger Award by the amazing and awesomest Noopur a while ago. So, before I proceed with the tradition, I would like to shower Noopur with lots of thanks, hugs and kisses because this is a big deal, yes? Or even if it isn’t, don’t burst my bubble, please. I like it in here, thank you very  much. :33

Now, the proceedings:


1. Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify the nominees.
2. Post the link of the blog that nominated you.
3. Share five random facts about yourself.

Five random facts about me (after a long while of 3am thinking):

  • My favourite book is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand followed closely by a million others including Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind, Harry Potter, Fangirl, Eleanor and Park and so so so many more.
  •  I’m very indecisive. I cannot differ from what is right and wrong. I cannot make a decision to save my life and what’s the worst part is that I want to become a surgeon. Every single time I imagine myself in the Operation Room, I laugh at myself.
  •  I’m not passionate but I am ambitious. That is a very deadly combination, I guess. It’s like, you don’t like a thing for a very long time but in that short period, while you like it, you need to get perfect at it. It’s a grueling feeling.
  •  I have a dog whose name is Leo. He’s an American spits and the cutest thing on Earth!
  •  My favourite music genres are indie pop and alternative rock.

The people I nominate for the Creative Blogger Award are:

The Story Files 


Woodland Winds

A Hopeless Wandering Mind


Have fun guys! ^_^