All About The Blog

The Nerdtopia was a blog started somewhere in 2014 by Bhavika Gupta. It was intended to be a place where Bhavika could be herself completely, where she wouldn’t have to put up a facade of any kind. It was to be the place where she could write about her fangirling tendencies, her favoruite fictional characters, her favourite bands, and other things along that line. However, only after starting the blog did she realise that the only postable things she wrote were silly poems regarding her ‘teenage’ problems and other okay-ish poems regarding matters of the society. She kept going on because she was too lazy to create another blog where she could post just her poems.

Therefore, she continued posting whatever she penned down; be it a poem, an article, a short story. Except fanfictions. This was not to be a place for fanfictions; she was very strict about it. Partly because her fanfictions were border line absurd and because she was too shy to let anybody read them. Also, just to be clear, she wants your head to be out of the gutter at all possible times. No double meanings allowed here either. Until and unless they’re puns. Bhavika appreciates a good pun.

Coming back from the tangent; she posted whatever she thought was mildly good enough for the blog and so The Nerdtopia changed from a blog about Bhavika’s nerdiness to Bhavika’s plethora of feeling and emotions condensed to a few poems and … yeah mostly poems.

However, currently, Bhavika has been going through a very dark phase. Namely; the last two years of her school life. It’s the phase where she constantly worries about her future and past but never the present. Because who cares about present, am I right?! Ha!

Therefore, to cope with the darkness, she pens down her feeling in the form of letters addressed to the World, a very arbitrary and ambiguous entity. She doesn’t write to anyone in particular because she know nobody gives a rat’s ass about her (she’ll get very angry if you tell her otherwise, so don’t even try). And so, the blog actually became about blogging where Bhavika recounts her entire week and guides the reader through her emotional status  even though she feels emotionally constipated all the time.

For now, this is what the blog’s about. It’s about Bhavika Gupta and how she’s coping with her troubles.

If you want to join her journey to a top notch Medical College and attaining complete inner peace, (which she might, might not make) do Follow the blog. She generally updates the world (whoever’s reading) every week with all the spicy gossip and breathtaking adventures (more like internal turmoils and breathtaking existential crises).

Bhavika hopes of seeing you around.

Also, she wants to let you know that if you have any question/worry/compliment/complaint, comment it below. She would love to hear from you (especially about the compliments)!

Have a nice day!