1st August, 2017

You must be thinking what in the world happened to me.

Well, my exams ended two months ago and I am healthy and happy (almost) now.

I did land my sorry ass into a decent enough dental college so I guess I did succeed in the end.

But I have this itch. It’s getting stronger and stronger day by day. I’m not sure what it’s about but I think it’s related to this new chapter of life I’ll be starting in a few days.

I am scared.

I am also excited.

I just hope everything turns out ok.

Which makes me think of how we, as humans, always worry so much. First I worried about good grades in school, then I worried about getting into a college, now I’ll worry about getting good grades in college and then I’ll worry about getting a job. Oh god. This is so endless.

But is it worth it?

I hope so.

These past few days I’ve just felt great gratitude towards everything; my parents, my sister, my friends and almost everything. Just because I was so free and suffocated by spare time, I stopped and glanced around. I pondered. And it made me feel thankful yet frightened. Frightened of everything, to be honest. But most frightened about what’s to come next. I think I’m confusing fear with anticipation. But that itch continues to torment me.

I hope it stops soon. Or should I let it continue till my fingers peel off the cocoon and unleash… whatever there is inside me?

Do write back and tell me how you’ve been these past few days. I would love to hear from you.


Published by

Bhavika Gupta

A girl who loves to read, day dream and scrutinize the lyrics of all kinds of songs. She aspires of doing something good in the world and loving herself. She is also a strong feminist, dedicated animal lover and will do anything to fight for the right cause.

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