The Place Where I Come From

Where I come from
Is a place where many live
On dirty roads or even posh bungalows;
Pretty girls fall in love with men
Who like them prude and petty
Because dumb is and will always remain the new sexy.
In my hometown, bob cuts can’t sway the world
As well as long, high pony tails do;
A bead of sweat can’t escape from sight
Without a high pitched, “Ew!”
The place I grew up in had a room
Where my mother would weigh herself everyday
Hoping that the needle would drop down by a notch
While my sister was at school, being told by her friends
That she needn’t worry
Because fat girls don’t get raped.
Where I come from,
Is a place where many live,
As roses which are meant to smell good.
Just that.

Published by

Bhavika Gupta

A girl who loves to read, day dream and scrutinize the lyrics of all kinds of songs. She aspires of doing something good in the world and loving herself. She is also a strong feminist, dedicated animal lover and will do anything to fight for the right cause.

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