A Tribute To The Boy Who Lived

Minerva McGonagall sat down while she heaved a deep sigh; of relief, woe or exhaustion, she couldn’t exactly choose which. The day had been long and full of anticipation. Arrangements had to be made, lists had to be revised, passwords had to be devised and the Sorting Hat had to be dusted. Being one of the house heads wasn’t easy and McGonagall was just starting to realize how stupendously eventful or horribly disturbing the year might turn out to be, depending on the activities of a single boy – A boy new to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

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The Place Where I Come From

Where I come from
Is a place where many live
On dirty roads or even posh bungalows;
Pretty girls fall in love with men
Who like them prude and petty
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