The Creative Blogger Award | Yayayay

Hey guys!

I was nominated for The Creative Blogger Award by the amazing and awesomest Noopur a while ago. So, before I proceed with the tradition, I would like to shower Noopur with lots of thanks, hugs and kisses because this is a big deal, yes? Or even if it isn’t, don’t burst my bubble, please. I like it in here, thank you very  much. :33

Now, the proceedings:


1. Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify the nominees.
2. Post the link of the blog that nominated you.
3. Share five random facts about yourself.

Five random facts about me (after a long while of 3am thinking):

  • My favourite book is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand followed closely by a million others including Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind, Harry Potter, Fangirl, Eleanor and Park and so so so many more.
  •  I’m very indecisive. I cannot differ from what is right and wrong. I cannot make a decision to save my life and what’s the worst part is that I want to become a surgeon. Every single time I imagine myself in the Operation Room, I laugh at myself.
  •  I’m not passionate but I am ambitious. That is a very deadly combination, I guess. It’s like, you don’t like a thing for a very long time but in that short period, while you like it, you need to get perfect at it. It’s a grueling feeling.
  •  I have a dog whose name is Leo. He’s an American spits and the cutest thing on Earth!
  •  My favourite music genres are indie pop and alternative rock.

The people I nominate for the Creative Blogger Award are:

The Story Files 


Woodland Winds

A Hopeless Wandering Mind


Have fun guys! ^_^


Published by

Bhavika Gupta

A girl who loves to read, day dream and scrutinize the lyrics of all kinds of songs. She aspires of doing something good in the world and loving herself. She is also a strong feminist, dedicated animal lover and will do anything to fight for the right cause.

4 thoughts on “The Creative Blogger Award | Yayayay”

  1. This makes me so glad I nominated you, these facts speak wonders about you. I genuinely really like your personality, please keep posting! Thank you for the hugs and kisses!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fountainhead is such a powerful book that you just can’t hate it, can you? And not yet, but Atlas Shrugged is there on my reading list. Also, Thank you so much for the feedback! 😀


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