A Poem Of Negation | NaPoWriMo

They don’t take birth or bathe
Yet they are immortal and pure.
Infinitely abundant,
They won’t fit in your palm
And like water, they’ll flow
Out from between your fingers
Back into their initial form
But you’ll remember
How silky they felt
Against your skin, caressing
The hard calloused hands.
Lie they don’t for rest
Yet they could rival sloths
In movement, never in grace
and yet these books
are not hindrances.

NaPoWriMo April 2015 Day 1 prompt: Today’s prompt is a poem of negation. I challenge you to write a poem that involves describing something in terms of what it is not, or not like. For example, if you chose a whale as the topic of your poem, you might have lines like “It does not settle down in trees at night, cooing/Nor will it fit in your hand.”

The topic I’ve chose is clearly (I hope) : ‘Books’ because I love books! Yay. I hope it abides to the guidelines because this is the first time I’ve written such a poem. If it doesn’t, then please let me know in the comments! Thanks! 


Published by

Bhavika Gupta

A girl who loves to read, day dream and scrutinize the lyrics of all kinds of songs. She aspires of doing something good in the world and loving herself. She is also a strong feminist, dedicated animal lover and will do anything to fight for the right cause.

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